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Image result for BRIDSMADEShe was tall, the tallest of all the bridesmaids, and the most gorgeous.

The bridesmaid dresses looked okay on most of them, but on her, that figure-hugging number made her a bombshell. She was curvier than the others, so where, for them, the dress glided seamlessly from the waist down, on her, her shapely ass gave the outfit a more S3@.x:’ual appeal.

It was my cousin’s wedding, and from the brief introduction here and there during the event, I found out that she and my cousin were friends at the university. I was glad when she gave me her phone number, just in case she disappeared into the crowd again for another one of her bridesmaid duties.

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Of course, I spent a couple of minutes with a few ladies here and there, but my eyes kept finding my gorgeous bridesmaid. She smiled coyly and innocently at me whenever our eyes met. The smile had a very interesting effect on my d.!ck as it jerked a little in reaction.

It was the end of the wedding and I was about to hop into my car to head home. I was armed with a few phone numbers and looking forward to getting to know some of the girls I met. As I opened the door to the driver’s seat, I heard my name being called from behind.

“Dammy! Hey, Dammy!” I turned back to see my bridesmaid walking briskly towards me.

“Hannah!” I said as she reached me.

“Are you heading home?” She asked, coming to stand in front of me.

“Yeah. You?”

“Yes. I was wondering if you could drop me off.”

I considered this for a moment. “Sure.”

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The road was very busy at this time of the evening and we were literally stuck in traffic. I started to regret giving her a ride since my house was the opposite direction and there was no traffic on the other side of the road.

I gave a deep frustrated sigh and turned to her. “At this rate, we will get to your house way past midnight.”

She looked at me and smiled. “Evidently.”

“Listen, my house is not very far from here and it’s on the other side, couldn’t you spend the night with me?” She bit her bottom lip as she considered this and I added, “I promise to be a gentleman.”
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She laughed. “I guess that makes sense.”

My heart leapt as I turned the car around and headed to my place.

I could hear her in the bathroom, I thought, as I got my bedroom ready for her. The image of her bathing and rubbing herself was having a really sensual effect on me.

She stepped out of the shower a few minutes later, wrapped in one of my towels.

“Here, you can wear this T-shirt, it should suit you,” I said placing the article of clothing on the bed.


She was walking towards the bed to pick it up and I turned to head out of the room.

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“So, you are really determined to keep that promise?” She asked.

I turned around to look at her questioningly.

She untied the towel and let it fall down to her feet. “I could think of a much better way to spend the night.”

In seconds, I was standing before her, gazing my fill at her beautiful bre@.$ts, down to her curvy hips and her Pu.$$y. I bent and gave her a kiss.

Her kiss was rough and hungry. She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled herself up so her legs were wrapped around my waist. I nearly lost my footing as I tried to hold on to her to find my balance. She did not seem to care. Her hands were moving desperately up and down my back as she attacked my mouth. I moved towards the bed and laid her down so I could take off my clothes.

She shifted to the edge of the bed to get her purse which she had put on the ground. I gasped when she brought out a dildo. I wondered what that was supposed to be for.

“You are taking too long,” she said as she laid back to watch me undress, dildo in hand.

I moved towards her to lay on her and we continued to kiss. I ran my mouth down her neck and towards her B@.0bs.

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“What the F**.Ck do you think you are doing. F**.Ck me! Now!” She yelled in my ears.

I supposed that meant, skip the foreplay. I did as she ordered and as soon as she wrapped her legs around me again, I slid my hardness into her wet Pu.$$y.

“Yeah…. yeah, that’s it, F**.Ck that cunt. Come on. Show me what you got.” She was saying, bringing up her hips to meet my thrusts.
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She was moaning and groaning and soon, I could feel her getting close to org@.$m. I made sure my d.!ck was hitting her as deeply as it could go and when she came, I almost yelled out as her sharp nails dug into the skin on my back and she dragged it down towards my waist.

‘What the F**.Ck?!’ I thought. I looked to see her giving me that deceptively coy smile.

“What? Afraid of a little roughness? Come on, tear up that slutty cunt!” She said as I continued F**.Cking her. My d.!ck was throbbing and hard as I shoved it even harder in and out of her. I wanted to punish her for being so rough on me but the harder I went, the more she wanted.

She laid back and picked up the dildo. She put it in her mouth and began to suck as I leaned up to my knees, raised her legs straight up and entered that way. Watching her suck on that dildo was exciting me even more.

I held her legs up and pumped into her roughly, as roughly as she was sucking. She opened her mouth wide and slid the down and I knew that shit must be reaching her throat. She closed her eyes and gagged around it as I F**.Cked her. I was tempted to replace the damn thing with my own I was looking intently at her as I got closer and closer to my climax.

“Stop!” She said, halting my journey to bliss. She pushed at my shoulder and moved so she was now the one straddling me. “You do not get to cum yet, we are not done!”

All thoughts disappeared from my head as soon as she began to roughly F**.Ck my She placed the dildo in a standing position on my chest and covered the tip with her mouth as she moved against me.

I watched her with interest. When she was done, she brought the thing close to my mouth, halted her thrusts as she waited for me to open. Nervously, I did and soon, that was being shoved in and out of my own mouth.

She smiled in satisfaction and continued to ride me. My hands were on her hips and my eyes were on hers. She took out the, put it beside her on the bed, placed her hands on my chest and began to bounce hard on my d.!ck. She scrunched up her eyes as she started to get closer and closer to org@.$m. I felt the desperate tightening of her Pu.$$y walls around me as she exploded, this time, with her nails digging into my chest. I was the one halting the org@.$m this time as I had had enough.
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“Don’t do that!” I said, looking sternly at her. She sat back on my, raising both her hands in surrender.

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“Fine, F**.Ck me from behind then!” She did not wait for a response as she turned around, ass in the air.

I felt more in control of the crazy bitch now and might even give her a taste of her medicine, I thought, feeling the painful tingle down my back and chest.

As she bent, she brought the dildo with her and began to F**.Ck her Pu.$$y. I assumed ‘from behind,’ meant her asshole. There was no gentleness as I excitedly shoved that up her ass. She roughly F**.Cked her cunt and I replicated that roughness in her ass. She was groaning and screaming.

“Yes! Yes! F**.Ck that hole! You like that, don’t you? You like your up that tight hole?!” She was saying. I did not respond, and I did not think she wanted me too. She was too far gone as she met my thrusts hard. Soon, she was cumming again, all around her dildo. I saw her other hand dig into the sheets as she came, thankful that that was not my back or chest this time.

I watched her jerk and squirm as her org@.$m took over her and felt a familiar tightening of my balls. I began to pump even rougher into her.

“Yeah, cum for me, cum up that ass!” She was saying. “Grab my ass. I want you to dig your nails into me! Make me bleed as you cum! Come on!!!”

I was going to do exactly that as payback, but knowing that was what she wanted was a bit of a surprise.

I slid in and out of her, grabbed her and pushed my nails into the flesh of her ass as I released. I held her steady because she has started jerking again as she org@.$med too. As I shot my load up her ass, she was squirting cum all over her dildo and my bedsheet.

We both laid silently in bed for a few minutes. Finally, she said, “Want to go ahead and  continue this in the shower?”

I was in for a crazy night.

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